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Pest Information

Smooth Crotalaria

Smooth Crotalaria

  • Latin Name: Crotalaria Pallida Var. Obovata
  • Common Name: Smooth Crotalaria
  • Other Names: Smooth rattlebox

Pest Details

Smooth Crotalaria
Smooth Crotalaria
Smooth Crotalaria


An introduced plant, native to Latin America, and now found in the southeastern U.S., Hawaii, and the West Indies.


A perennial that reproduces from seeds. Plants may be common in disturbed habitats and roadsides, as well as in pastures, where it can form thick stands but is a poor forage crop for livestock.


Plants may grow to medium sized shrubs, up to 4 feet tall, with several branches off of the main, erect stem. The leaves are large and typically clover-like, divided into 3 separate, round leaflets on a long stalk, and alternate along the stem. Flowers occur in an elongating cluster at the ends of the stems, well above the rest of the plant. Flowers are bright yellow with purple-brown veining along the petals, and they are irregular in shape.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of individual plants can be very effective.

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