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Pest Information

Grey Herniaria

Grey Herniaria

  • Latin Name: Herniaria Hirsuta cinerea
  • Common Name: Grey Herniaria
  • Other Names: Herniaria, hairy rupturewort

Pest Details

Grey Herniaria
Grey Herniaria


Native to southern Europe, and now found from Arizona through California to Arizona, in Wisconsin and the Northeast.


An annual weed found along roadsides, waste areas, landscape, and some crops. Reproduction is from seed and plants mature in late spring.


Another of the mat-forming members of this family, this weed may get to 4 inches in height and over a foot across. Multiple branching stems arise from the base and the plants are covered with short hairs. When growing in cooler temperatures the stems have a reddish color to them. Leaves are opposite and inversely lance-shaped, being long and narrow and wider at the outer end than at the base. Small leaf-like stipules are present at the base of the leaves. Flowers are very small and inconspicuous, and occur in small clusters at the base of the leaves. There are no petals.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

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