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Pest Information

Mimosa Vine

Mimosa Vine

  • Latin Name: Mimosa Strigillosa
  • Common Name: Mimosa Vine
  • Other Names: Sensitive vine, powder-puff

Pest Details

Mimosa Vine
Mimosa Vine


A native plant in the United States, occurring in Florida and Georgia west to Texas and Oklahoma and north to Missouri, as well as through Mexico into South America.


A perennial plant with an extremely long, tough taproot. Stems are prostrate and creeping, and the plant can be quite invasive, even though it often is planted as an ornamental groundcover. Reproduction is from seeds, although plants can also re-grow from stem fragments. Plants may be a turf problem, and also occur in waste areas and disturbed lots or along waterways.


The stems are reddish-purple and covered with stiff hairs. The leaves are twice divided, with each leaf divided into 4 to 6 leaflets, and each leaflet again compound and divided into as many as 15 pairs of leaflets. The showy flowers occur as a large pink ball at the ends of long stalks, with dozens of small flowers with extremely long stamens making up this arrangement.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Due to the difficulty in hand-pulling the weed a chemical application may be needed. A selective broadleaf herbicide is effective in turf.

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