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Pest Information

Common Greeneyes

Common Greeneyes

  • Latin Name: Berlandiera Subacaulis
  • Common Name: Common Greeneyes
  • Other Names: Florida greeneyes

Pest Details

Common Greeneyes
Common Greeneyes
Common Greeneyes
Common Greeneyes


Native to Florida, and found only in that state.


An uncommon wildflower found in disturbed sites and along roadsides. This is a perennial that reproduces from seeds.


Mature plants may get to 2 feet tall, with at least the upper half composed of the leafless, hairy stem that terminates with a single flower. Most of the leaves are basal, with a few single leaves arising along the lower stem. Leaves also are hairy and up to 5 inches long. The margins are deeply wavy, giving the appearance of several lobes to the elongate leaf. The large yellow flower has 8 ray petals that have a notch at their tip, and often the bases are separated from each other. The disc flowers are green, and as the flower matures it droops dramatically to face the ground.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

There is no reason to control this wildflower.

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