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Pest Information

Smallflower Buttercup

Smallflower Buttercup

  • Latin Name: Ranunculus Abortivus
  • Common Name: Smallflower Buttercup
  • Other Names: Little buttercup

Pest Details

Smallflower Buttercup
Smallflower Buttercup
Smallflower Buttercup


Native to North America, and occurring from Alaska through Canada to most of the United States.


A winter annual that reproduces from seeds. Plants can be found in a wide variety of habitats, from moist to dry locations, fields, wooded areas, roadsides or disturbed areas.


Plants tend to remain small but upright, with stems and leaves smooth, shiny, and without hairs. The basal leaves are broad and heart-shaped, while upper leaves occur on short petioles and are divided into 3 long, more lance-shaped leaflets. Flowers occur in the axils of the leaves as single yellow flowers with 5 petals and very enlarged female parts in the center.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Individual plants are successfully removed by hand. Large populations in landscaped areas can be controlled with contact or systemic herbicides.

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