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Pest Information

Creeping Indigo

Creeping Indigo

  • Latin Name: Indigofera Spicata
  • Common Name: Creeping Indigo
  • Other Names: Trailing indigo

Pest Details

Creeping Indigo
Creeping Indigo
Creeping Indigo


Native to Africa, and now found in a number of Asian countries as well as in Florida and Hawaii in the United States.


A perennial weed that commonly infests turf, as well as many other disturbed, somewhat moist habitats. Reproduction is from seeds. The plants grow in creeping fashion through turf, adapting well to mowing practices and forming extensive mats that crowd out desirable vegetation.


Plants have creeping stems that grow through and under the canopy of turf. Stems are hairy. Leaves are compound and are divided into from 7 to 10 separate round leaflets. The showy flowers are on an elongated raceme that grows from the base of the leaves. Flowers are pink and irregular in shape. The seed pods form as a thick cluster of very long pods that are narrow and pointed downward along the stem.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

In turf a selective, systemic broadleaf herbicide will be effective.

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