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Pest Information

Hairy Grama

Hairy Grama

  • Latin Name: Bouteloua Hirsuta
  • Common Name: Hairy Grama
  • Other Names: Mosquito grass

Pest Details

Hairy Grama
Hairy Grama
Hairy Grama


Native to the dry plains of central North America, and found from Canada south in the U.S. to Florida, Texas and Mexico, and west to Montana and Nevada


A native perennial grass that is considered a valuable part of prairie ecosystems, and is sold as an ornamental grass for landscapes. It is highly drought resistant, clump forming, and will form thick and extensive stands where it is of value for grazing. Reproduction is from seeds, and plants re-grow from roots where the foliage dies back in the winter.


Mature plants may have stems and leaves up to 20 inches in height, with stems erect and stiff. Leaves are long, narrow, and to about 4 inches in length, with a hairy texture to their surface. The flower clusters are distinctive for the grama group, with up to 3 spikes present on a plant, often strongly curved or angled outward at the base of the inflorescence. The spikelets are long and lined alternately along either side of the central vein, giving a highly flattened appearance to the structure, with about 40 spikelets on each cluster, and usually with a long, thin awn at the end of each spikelet.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Not considered a plant needing control, although it may be a common grass growing along roadsides where bare ground is desired.

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