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Pest Information

Hairystem Gooseberry

Hairystem Gooseberry

  • Latin Name: Ribes Hirtellum
  • Common Name: Hairystem Gooseberry
  • Other Names: Northern gooseberry

Pest Details

Hairystem Gooseberry
Hairystem Gooseberry
Hairystem Gooseberry
Hairystem Gooseberry


Native to North America, and found in the northern United States and southern Canada, from Montana to the east coast and south to Illinois and West Virginia.


A perennial shrub that can form thick, impenetrable growth due to its spiny stems. Reproduction is from seeds. Plants commonly grow in semi-open forested areas of dappled sunlight.


Mature plants form dense shrubs over 6 feet in height, with woody stems and many branches. The stems of this species of Ribes are armed with a stout, long spine at the base of each leaf or a junction of a branch and stem. Leaves are softly hairy and dark green, on a short stalk. The leaf has a deep cleft on each side that divides it into 3 large lobes. The margins are deeply serrate, sometimes forming additional small lobes. The flowers are small and inconspicuous and the fruit that forms is a large green berry, turning red as it matures. These may occur in groups of 2 or more on long stalks.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal may be needed to control this plant where its growth is a problem. It can be effectively killed with a systemic herbicide, but the stems will persist and eventually need to be removed if the ground is to be cleared.

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