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Pest Information

Hairy Indigo

Hairy Indigo

  • Latin Name: Indigofera Hirsuta
  • Common Name: Hairy Indigo
  • Other Names: Rough hairy indigo

Pest Details

Hairy Indigo
Hairy Indigo
Hairy Indigo
Hairy Indigo


An introduced plant that now is found in Florida and surrounding states, as well as in Puerto Rico.


An annual plant that reproduces from seeds. Mature plants can grow as tall as 5 feet, and may be found in a variety of habitats and soil types.


Plants are very shrubby with thick, strong stems. Leaves are compound, with 3 to 5 separated round leaflets. The stems and lower sides of the leaves are covered with dark hairs. Flowers occur in long racemes of purplish flowers. Seed pods are very long, brownish, and thickly bunched along the stem.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of individual plants is effective. A pre-emergent herbicide may help to control germinating seeds.

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