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Pest Information

Summer Lupine

Summer Lupine

  • Latin Name: Lupinus Formosus
  • Common Name: Summer Lupine
  • Other Names: Lupine, late lupine

Pest Details

Summer Lupine
Summer Lupine
Summer Lupine


Native to the west coast states of the United States, and widely distributed as 3 varieties. Occurs from Washington to southern California.


A perennial plant that may grow well over 3 feet tall. Propagation is from seeds. Common in undisturbed pastures, roadsides, or ditch banks.


Mature plants are mostly erect, to 3 feet tall, and somewhat spreading due to extensive branching. Stems are thick, and both stems and leaves are covered with silky hairs that lay flat on their surface. Leaves are on long stalks and are divided into 7 to 9 leaflets that are very long and inversely lance-shaped. Silky hairs are on upper and lower surfaces. Flowers vary in color from blue to violet to lilac, and often have white blotches on them. They occur on very long, open clusters on stems rising well above the plant. Flower stalks may be 12 inches long. Seed pods are up to 1.5 inches long, hairy, and contain between 5 and 7 seeds.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Perennial plants that do not do well in cultivated soils.

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