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Pest Information

Sensitive Pea

Sensitive Pea

  • Latin Name: Chamaecrista Nictitans
  • Common Name: Sensitive Pea
  • Other Names: Partridge pea

Pest Details

Sensitive Pea
Sensitive Pea
Sensitive Pea


Native to North America, and found from Arizona east to Louisiana and Missouri, and in every state east of the Mississippi River.


An annual in colder climates and a perennial in warmer climates, with reproduction from seeds. A common plant in open pastures and fields, as well as along roadsides and empty lots, and an occasional invader in landscapes.


Mature plants can grow to several feet in height, with stems that may be erect or sprawling. Leaves are divided into from 6 to 26 pairs of elongate-oval leaflets. Stems are reddish and covered with hairs that may be slightly incurving. Leaves are alternate. The flowers are produced singly on short stalks arising from the base of the leaves. Flowers are bright yellow and fairly large. Seed pods are wide and flattened, containing 5 or 6 seeds, and the developing pod has purplish-brown margins and separations between each cell.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A systemic herbicide will be most effective in eliminating this perennial plant.

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