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Pest Information

Bastard Indigo

Bastard Indigo

  • Latin Name: Amorpha Fruticosa
  • Common Name: Bastard Indigo
  • Other Names: Indigo bush, false indigo bush, desert indigo bush, desert false indigo

Pest Details

Bastard Indigo
Bastard Indigo
Bastard Indigo


Native to North America, and found in nearly every state in the U.S. as well as into Canada and Mexico.


A perennial shrub that often is used in ornamental plantings, but which potentially is invasive and can form thick cover on disturbed areas, ditchbanks, or along roadsides.


Mature plants could potentially grow over 15 feet tall, as thick, spreading shrubs. Stems are woody. Leaves are pinnately compound with from 13 to 25 leaflets that are marked with darker spots. The flowers occur in a long raceme of purple flowers, often tapering to a point, and up to 12 inches long. The raceme may be erect or drooping, depending on the size of the parent plant.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Normally not a plant needing control. Physical removal is effective for individual plants.

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