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New Survey Provides Insights into Small Business Optimism


According to survey results from, in November 65.25% of small businesses expressed confidence in their businesses and the economy at-large.

This is 1.07% higher than last month, but down 1.8% year-over-year.

A few more things we found:

• 44.47% of small businesses with employees report that they’re currently hiring, making November the fourth-slowest month for hiring in 2017.

• 37.44% of small businesses plan to increase their employee compensation this month, slightly below the 2017 average of 38.23%.

• Small businesses owners in Washington state had the most economic optimism, with 68.55% feeling confident.

• Only 60.63% of small businesses in Pennsylvania felt similarly, placing them last among the 18 states we looked at this month

You can see all the details at

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