Northwest Mouse ‘Invades’ Rollins’ Headquarters


Editor’s note: In July, Rollins announced it had entered into a definitive purchase agreement with Northwest Exterminating Co., Inc. to acquire its pest control business. The deal, which closed in August, was Rollins’ largest acquisition since it acquired HomeTeam Pest Defense in 2008. As part of a fun, brand-unifying initiative, Northwest Exterminating’s Mouse mascot and two team members ‘broke in’ the Rollins headquarters last night. Here is the press release from Northwest Exterminating:

The Northwest Mouse, along with two unidentified Northwest team members, invaded its parent company’s headquarters (Rollins) late last night. This exclusive caught the break-in on video.

According to sources, the three accomplices were carrying out a mission: to prove that creativity, innovation, and the core values of Northwest are still very much alive. Exciting opportunities and adventures are on the horizon for Northwest, and this is sure to be the first of many Northwest “invasions”. The Mouse is out of his house and anyone could be next!

Northwest Marketing Executives are calling it PROJECT CHEESE; a way to establish parent company Rollins as one that supports and empowers its brands to think outside the box, stay true to who they are, push the industry forward, and foster a culture of relationships and goodwill towards fellow competitors.

This fun, lighthearted approach affirms that Rollins will support the Culture and core values of “The Northwest Way.” Northwest will continue to be the creative, innovative and relevant brand that their customers have grown to love and recognize.

PROJECT CHEESE is also an opportunity to unify and create a culture of inclusion amongst the Rollins Family of Brands. The aim is to create a domino effect within the Rollins family via the “Tag you’re it” mentality – Critter Control plays a prank on Western, Western plays a prank on HomeTeam, so forth and so on. Who’s next?

Click here to view Project Cheese.

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