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Donnie Shelton Named CEO of Coalmarch


RALEIGH - Coalmarch announced that Donnie Shelton, owner of Coalmarch and Triangle Pest Control, has stepped into the role of CEO, effective immediately.

In 2012, Shelton’s Triangle Pest Control came to Coalmarch as a client. In 2012, Shelton acquired Coalmarch to fulfill his vision of creating a marketing agency devoted to the home services industry. Over the last five years the company has pivoted from a general agency to marketing, team management, and hiring solutions developed exclusively for pest control and lawn care companies nationwide.

“My goal for Coalmarch has been and will continue to be to provide the best of the best to our clients,” said Shelton. “I’m fortunate to be working with an incredibly dedicated, smart, and talented team of professionals who carry out that goal every day.”

Building off of his experience growing Triangle Pest Control from nothing to $5 million in half the industry standard time, the author of Grow! Inbound Marketing System and Build: How to Create a Phenomenal Team for Your Service Company sees his new position at Coalmarch as an opportunity to continue sharing the tools of his own success so that others may follow in his path with less resistance.

Citing a desperate need for innovation in a space that is often dominated by outdated techniques and technology, Shelton plans to continue leveraging his inside-track expertise to grow Coalmarch’s offerings in the coming years.

“The home services industry is one of the fastest-growing out there,” said Shelton. “Now is the time for a company like Coalmarch to step in and offer the kind of innovative services these companies need.”

Thus far the company has launched Sprowt, a digital marketing and website platform, and Forgely™, a web-based app that automates technician hiring and training. Most recently, the company launched TeamBuilder™, a comprehensive hiring platform that combines conversion-focused web design and automated hiring features for a higher-quality experience for candidates and hiring managers alike.

Under Shelton’s stewardship, Coalmarch will continue to innovate and develop accessible, sustainable, and uniquely successful solutions for its clients.

Free Boot Camp. Shelton also announced a FREE, four-week hiring boot camp throughout the month of February. Every Friday morning throughout February, Shelton will publish videos and resources on the Coalmarch website, covering everything from understanding your candidate funnel to improving your employer reputation online. PCOs also can have these materials delivered to their inbox by subscribing to the email series.

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