EZ Conceal

New Nozzle Circuit Filter


The 2017 mosquito season is upon us! With the mild winter that most of the U.S. has experienced, we think it will be a good one.

This season, we are rolling out a number of new things that will make misting a better business for you. In this note, we are introducing the first - our new nozzle circuit filter.

Clogged nozzles dramatically reduce the flow rate of insecticide and the resulting effectiveness of the systems. And as you know, cleaning and replacing nozzles is a tedious, time consuming, and expensive necessity.

Check out the video ( ) to see how our new filter offers a dramatic reduction in clogging - which means the systems stay effective, your customers stay happy, and more money drops to your bottom line.

Maintenance Frequency and Nozzle Filters:
• We expect the elements should be replaced at least annually, and maybe more frequently
depending on conditions and nozzle circuit size.
• We have begun supplying nozzles without nozzle filters - though nozzles have the same two
chamber configuration and can be added.
• Our recommendation is that the two chamber slimline nozzles should be rebuilt without nozzle
• The internal geometry of the single chamber nozzles require a nozzle filter to rebuild.

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