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Liphatech Announces Soft Bait Challenge Winners


MILWAUKEE, wis. — Liphatech invited U.S. pest management professionals (PMPs) to Take the Soft Bait Challenge. PMPs saw what happened when FirstStrike, Resolv or TakeDown went head-to-head against conventional bait.

Liphatech awarded prizes to the top three entries, which were displayed at PestWorld 2017, in Baltimore, Md.:

1. Carlos Fernandez (McCloud Services) – GoPro HERO5 Black Action Camera

2. Scott Dinger (Primal Pest Control LLC) – $200 Visa Gift Card

3. Robert Casey (Pest Management, Inc.) – $100 Visa Gift Card

“I went through many rodent baits, from blocks to pellets, meal bait, wax based, grain based, etc. Nothing was really being eaten, and I wasn’t really seeing results. I decided to start using soft baits. This has been, literally, the most palatable and effective method I have ever tried. Great product, great results, great resource for PMPs for rodent control.” – Carlos Fernandez.

Liphatech encourages PMPs to take the Soft Bait Challenge themselves.

Designated trademarks and their respective logos, including GoPro, HERO and Visa, are the property of their respective owners and do not indicate participation in or sponsorship of this promotion.

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