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Zoecon Launches Precor 2625


Zoëcon Introduces Precor® 2625 Premise Spray, a Broad-Spectrum Residual Spray,
to its Portfolio of Professional Pest Control Solutions

Product combines the knockdown of an adulticide
with the residual control of an Insect Growth Regulator

Schaumburg, Ill., April 14, 2016 – Central Life Sciences, whose founders invented insect growth regulator technology more than 35 years ago, today announced the release of Precor® 2625 Premise Spray, the newest addition to its comprehensive lineup of professional pest control solutions. The broad-spectrum spray provides knockdown of mature fleas and other pests through a combination of adulticides, including Etofenprox, with the residual control of pre-adult fleas through (S)-methoprene, the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) featured in the Precor® line of products. The versatile aerosol spray offers 2,625 square feet of coverage with a 360-degree valve allowing for upright and inverted applications as a broadcast, crack-and-crevice, void, spot, and surface treatment for indoor and outdoor use.

“Our sales team is very responsive to the needs of our customers, and we’re excited to introduce a product that has been in high demand from pest management professionals for some time,” said Ken Turrentine, director of marketing for the Zoëcon Professional Products division. “We know customers will appreciate the flexibility Precor® 2625 Premise Spray offers as the single-product solution for a variety of applications and target pests.”

The combination of adulticides in Precor® 2625 Premise Spray provides on-contact kill of mature fleas, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, yellow jackets, and many other pests. The IGR, (S)–methoprene, controls pre-adult fleas - comprising 95% of typical infestations - and breaks their life cycles for up to seven months. This provides long-lasting residual protection against flea larvae for more than 200 days without disrupting household or business activities. The design allows for application in residential and commercial buildings, kennels and garages.

As an introductory promotion, Zoëcon is offering pest management professionals a rebate offer of $1.00 per can or $15.00 per case for qualifying purchases made by December 31, 2016. For more information on Precor® 2625 Premise Spray and the introductory rebate offer, visit or call (800) 248-7763.

About Central Life Sciences
Central Life Sciences products are a part of Central Garden & Pet Company. Central Life Sciences is dedicated to creating healthier environments and making life better for people, plants and companion animals around the world. As inventors of insect growth regulator technology more than 35 years ago, the founders of Central Life Sciences pioneered biorational pest control: using the insect’s chemistry as a means to reduce pest populations. To learn more about Central Life Sciences, visit our website at or call 1-800-248-7763.

Precor is a registered trademark of Wellmark International. Central Life Sciences with design is a registered trademark of Central Garden & Pet Company.

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