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Lawrenceville, N.J.BedBug University, the nation’s leading educationalsource for bed bugs, has expanded their educational training to include athree-part e-learning module for pest management professionals, including theireffective monitoring program.

The onlinetraining series designed for pest control individuals and businesses featuresbed bug biology and behavior, treatment tools and protocols, as well as theimportance of monitoring. The online training accompanies the other hands-ontraining that BedBug University already has to offer, including the four-day Boot Camp held in Lawrenceville, N.J. and thetwo-day roadshow courses that they offer across the country.

One of thethree 30-minute modules focuses on monitoring, which informs pest professionalson specific measures to help detect and eliminate bed bugs through the use ofmonitoring tools. As illustrated in the e-learning, monitoring programs areimportant to early detection and elimination through various techniques andtools.

Oneimportant tool in a successful monitoring program is an interception device(traps used to capture bed bugs). Although pest professionals may beapprehensive at using interception devices, such as the ClimbUp®,BlackOut® and SenSci Volcano™, within their monitoring program asa control tool, recent research suggests the importance of these devices in bedbug elimination efforts.

“Interceptiondevices are certainly the most effective detection tool on the market, but theindustry just hasn’t embraced them yet. Only about 50 percent of the industryuses them and they need to recognize just how effective and powerful they areas a control tool,”  renowned bed bugexpert Dr. Richard Cooper said. “They’re just as important aschemicals, if not more important. By recognizing the role that interceptortraps play in the control of bed bugs, we can effectively reduce the amount ofpesticides applied for the control of bed bugs.”

 Jeff White, director of innovation andtechnical content of BedBug Central, also agrees with Cooper that theindustry needs to understand the importance of these devices, especially withinmulti-family housing units.

 “Monitoringbed bug populations is a critical tactic in the process of managinginfestations,” he said, “however monitoring is not common and more often thannot, infestations go unreported. Monitoring programs let housing managementcompanies know what bed bug populations aren’t being reported, which are oftenthe infestations that grow to mind-blowing levels and affect entirecommunities.”

 Within thee-learning series, pest control professionals can learn exactly how toeffectively implement interceptors into their monitoring programs as well assee the potential revenue by establishing a successful monitoring program.

 “I love oure-learning series from a CEO perspective,” said Phillip Cooper, CEO of CooperPest Solutions. “It provides operation teams, in an easy and simple fashion, atool to get strong bed bug knowledge to members of their teams who are notdealing with bed bugs on an everyday basis.”

 GaryNielson, director of training with JP Pest Services in Milford N.H. also agreedthat the e-learning series offers valuable information for pest companieslooking to quickly and effectively train employees on bed bugs.

 “I am wowed by the sophistication and educationalphilosophy of the BedBug: University e-Learning Series,” he said. “Thesemodules will not only serve to train new technicians and general staff, but asa re-educational tool for veteran bed bug technicians.”

 Pest controlcompanies can purchase the BedBug University e-learning series for individualsor multiple employees through an annual site license. More informationregarding the e-learning series or other educational training can be found on BedBug University’s website.


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About Bed Bug Central

BedBug Central is the nation’s most authoritativesource on bed bugs and related issues such as health, detection, and treatment.Nationally regarded entomologist Richard Cooper helped develop the company in2009, in response to the lack of quality information available on bed bugs.BedBug Central is home to the SenSci Volcano™, an interception device thatcaptures bed bugs, and the SenSci Activ™, a bed bug lure developed and testedthrough laboratory research conducted by Rutgers University.

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