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Supplier Days 2019

Bell Supplier Days

Most advanced low-profile bait station


The Protecta® EVO Ambush® is our low-profile bait station for versatile baiting. With its single key locking mechanism for quick servicing and removable tray for easy cleaning, the Protecta ® EVO Ambush® has all the features of an EVO station you have come to know and love.

The multiple uses of a Protecta® EVO Ambush® station:

  • Fast opening station with sturdy removable tray
  • Holds T-Rex™ Rat Trap or Mini T-Rex™ mouse trap
  • Holds 4 -1 oz. bait blocks or soft bait
  • Compatible with Sidekick® Load-N-Lock™ system

Save on Bell's Protecta EVO Ambush — get $1 off per station all month long.

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