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Buy PestWest insect light traps, get Free Bio-gel+

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BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE! GET YOUR Bio-gel+® FREE with purchases of PestWest insect light traps! Buy $5000 worth of PestWest ILTs and get $250 worth of Bio-gel+® free! 1. Purchase $5000 worth of PestWest insect light traps from Veseris in 2022. Applies to mixed ILT models. For example: purchase 10 Mantis® 1x2s and 10 Mantis® Vegas to qualify (calculation is estimated on listed PCO prices and may vary based upon actual purchases). 2. Email copies of your proofs-of-purchase, preferred Bio-gel+® products, and shipping address to 3. FREE. PestWest will convert your $250 into Bio-gel+® products based upon listed PCO prices. For example, $250 equals 28 quarts or Bio-gel+®. You will then receive your selection of Bio-gel+® products for free from PestWest.

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