20 mgk 0156 ONEGARD Tower Ad 120x600 f

Product Details

Ycs Crawl Curtain 3x100'

Your Crawlspace Inc

The smartest and easiest way to properly seal foundation walls and piers. The wall and pier curtain liners are pre-rolled to fit the job, speeding up the install process. The built-in activation strip and the YCS adhesive will seal, permanently, to virtually any foundation, brick, block, field stone, dirty, wet, with NO mechanical fasteners. Bright white on the front and blue on the back, the activation strip is easily identified. Additionally, each roll is individually wrapped to ensure the roll stays clean while transporting in the crawlspace. Never again worry about damaging your foundation wall with nails and pins.

Product Specifications

Your Crawlspace Inc
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
RL 838395