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Toilet Barrier Srvb 50/cs

Wildlife Control Supplies

It is a known fact that many people across the USA have had unpleasant experiences when using their toilets to find that snakes, rats, frogs etc have gained access to their homes/offices via the toilet sewerage system. Numerous people have been bitten whilst sitting on the toilet or trying to remove the vermin from their homes. Rats can easily swim half a mile in open water, can tread water for up to three days and survive being flushed down the toilet only to return once again into the building via the same route. It is possible for a rat to walk up a vertical soil pipe from the sewer, swim through the water filled piping inside the toilet and surface in the toilet bowl. These incidents can be prevented by installing one of our anti-vermin barriers. In addition to vermin control our devices also prevent cross-flow in horizontally opposed connections and reduce backflow of effluent in the event of a blockage. Deter vermin from gaining access to property via the toilet sewerage system. Act as anti-cross flow devices enabling toilets to be fitted back-to-back reducing the space required for pipework to prevent cross-flow. Reduce backflow of effluent in the event of a blockage in the underground drainage system. Assist in flood plain areas stopping solids coming back up through toilet and any vermin trying to force their way out through the pipes. Eliminate the need to dig up roads/walls etc to access the drainage system to remove/bait vermin as the barriers are easily accessible. The barriers are black in color to stop light penetration which attracts vermin in the pipes. The barriers are easily installed and have been tested in excess of 2-million opening and closing cycles and should last 30-years. Spring and hinge are constructed of stainless steel.

Product Specifications

Wildlife Control Supplies
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
Each 826825
A300 64022 c1 AugustPWGoldAds r32