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Product Details

Surekill Magnetic Snap Trap Base with Trap

Wildlife Control Supplies

The Surekill Magnetic Snap Trap Base utilizes powerful magnets to secure rat-sized snap traps to metal surfaces such as structural beams, pipes, ducts, dumpsters, and other equipment. Provides a fast and secure way to mount traps in difficult locations. Simply slide rat-sized snap trap into the base under the tabs, and set the trap. The two powerful magnets will hold over 35lbs and will not wear out.

Includes (1) Big Snap-E Rat Trap. Will also accommodate similar sized traps.

Product Specifications

Wildlife Control Supplies
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
6.75"L x 4.25"W Snap Trap 840033

Additional Information

  • Kness Big Snap
  • Trapper T-Rex Rat
  • Catchmaster Model 621P
  • Catchmaster Model 622 "Claw"
  • Victor Power Kill
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