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Sterifab Trigger Sprayer

Noble Pine

The Steri-Fab Continuous Action Sprayer is fully labeled for use with Steri-Fab, conforms to all legal requirements, and is manufactured specifically to spray Steri-Fab. The CAS is free of any other chemicals or contaminants. The CAS is fitted with a nozzle that disperses Steri-Fab at a rate that supports our coverage estimates (1500 square feet per gallon).
To use:
1) Remove pump by turning counterclockwise allowing residual pressure to escape
2) Fill tank with maximum not to exceed fill capacity
3) Pressurize sprayer with 20-25 strokes of the pump handle
4) Point nozzle away from you and depress trigger lever to operate
5) Adjust nozzle to desired spray pattern by turning nozzle cap from fine spray to pin stream

Cautions for Safe and Effective Use
1) Do not leave sprayer in sun when not in sue
2) Clean and rinse after each use, never store with material in sprayer
3) Always release pressure when sprayer is not in use
4) Do not use mechanical devices to pressurize sprayer

Product Specifications

Noble Pine
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 Gallon Bottle 811652
PMC15356 VM Digital Ads 2021 Banner October 081921
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