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Product Details

Solo-456F 2 Gal Professional Foaming Sprayer

Solo USA

Specifically designed for work with foaming chemicals and “green” cleaning formulations that require additional dwell time. Ideal for controlling termites and other pests hidden within wall voids. Can also be used to eradicatemold and mildew – especially on vertical surfaces.

Product Specifications

Solo USA
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
456f Each 794208

Additional Information

  • Special foam applicator nozzle for surface cleaning applications
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring pressure during application
  • Brass wand for added durability
  • All Viton® seals for superior chemical resistance
  • Optional flexible wall void applicator available for treating within wall voids (part #4900643)
  • Optional brass void foam injector available for treating within crevices (part # 4900644)
PDS TD 728x90
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