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Solar Sonic Net Ssn-001

Flock Free Bird Control

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The Sonic Net System is new technology for deterring birds and other animals, projecting a unique sound that covers the entire vocal range of birds capable of targeting a specific bird or animal species - Birds roosting, feeding or just loitering in the protected area will soon leave, as the Sonic Net denies the flocks of birds the ability to communicate about food sources and predators. Without this, birds feel less comfortable and chose somewhere else. -Birds do not habituate to Sonic Nets, making it an ideal, benign long-term solution for your home and business needs. -Chemical -less solution -Solar powered with easy set up and operation -The Sonic Net System has been the subject of several published research papers and has been described in the Discover magazine and Farm Journal -Proudly manufactured in the USA Find our videos at YouTube.com/user/FlockFreel

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Flock Free Bird Control
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Each 841459
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