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Sidekick Lnl Base 6/cs

Bell Laboratories

Anchoring System for PROTECTA Sidekick Bell's PROTECTA LOAD-N-LOCK anchoring system secures PROTECTA Sidekick Bait Stations without the added expense, mess and time associated with traditional anchoring methods. The two anchoring systems - one for securing the side-opening PROTECTA Sidekick - lend a professional look to anchored bait stations. Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic, the PROTECTA LOAD-N-LOCK systems hold two standard concrete bricks available at most landscape and home improvements stores. Technicians place the bricks into the LOAD-N-LOCK base. The fast and easy locking mechanism makes it easy to set the station - the station is placed into the base and snapped into place with the two prongs in the front of the base. Once the bait station is closed, the base and bait station cannot be separated. The ramped design of the base allows easy entry for rats or mice into the bait station.

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