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Product Details

Sensci Pyramid Pitfall Trap

Bed Bug Central

The SenSci Pyramid features an innovative design that combines the effectiveness of a pitfall trap and with the affordability of a sticky trap in one, easy-to-use device. Although the Pyramid was specifically designed for bed bugs, preliminary trials have shown its effectiveness on German cockroaches as well. The SenSci Pyramid can be used in traditional sleeping and resting areas as well as along baseboards and in corners when treating for bed bugs. It can also be placed in typical roach infestation locations such as under kitchen sinks. The SenSci Pyramid can be used with the SenSci ActivCR bed bug lure or any applicable roach lure.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
24/pk 6pk/cs Package 845601

Target Pests:

Syng 6624 1 31 Cockroach Assurance Veseris Banner final
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