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Product Details

Mattress Safe® Sofcover® Ultimate mattress encasement features our patented “Zipper with the Hook”®. A sewn in loop and zip-tie is included to ensure tamperproof encasements that provide the ultimate protection for all mattresses. Certified to protect against bed bugs, the Ultimate Encasement is fully waterproof on all sides. Bed Bug Certified Waterproof and Breathable Fire Retardant: CFR Title 16 Part 1632 Impermeable to Bed Bugs and Dust Mites Impermeable to Mold and Bacteria Patented "Zipper with the Hook"® Plus+ Advantage Sizes Plus+ Advantage® sizes stretch to fit a variety of mattress depths and lengths, including regular and long sizes. Plus+ Advantage® brings you the versatile answer to mattress and box spring protection. The King Plus+ Mattress Encasement stretches to fit California King and Hotel King.

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