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Product Details

Santa Fe Impact105 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Free-Standing Dehumidifiers

The Santa Fe Impact105 is specifically designed to dramatically impact the moisture in your crawl space/basement, your energy bills and the environment. It is the most energy efficient dehumidifier on the market - exceeding Energy StarĀ® standards by 50 percent. The Santa Fe Impact105 removes up to 105 pints of water a day while using an unprecedented 4.9 amps (8.8 pints per Kilowatt hour). It effectively dehumidifies up to 2,500 square feet and is the ideal free-standing dehumidifier for meeting aggressive energy use targets. The unit is engineered for extreme quiet operation and is optimized for low heat load. Optional condensate pump and ducting kits provide the installation flexibility necessary for the most challenging applications.

Product Specifications

Santa Fe Free-Standing Dehumidifiers
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
20.25"W x 21.75"H x 38"L Each 807094

Target Pests:

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