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Provecta EC

Goya Ind E Lab Quimico

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Hybrid insecticides efficacy enhancer with a PHYSICAL MODE OF ACTION.

Once the product is sprayed, it forms a cross-linked 3-Dimensional network structure which has an 'adhesive or sticky' effect, by sticking the mite/insect so that they cannot move (immobilization). The mode of action of this product does not have a direct chemical interaction with the mite/insect’s biochemical/physiological processes. It can be applied with any insecticide at low dosage, or alone for sensitive areas.

Product Specifications

Goya Ind E Lab Quimico
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
6 x 200ml Bottle 842526
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Additional Information

It is recommended to be used for the treatment of resistant pest populations in hardly accessible locations ( e.g. bed bugs). Modifies the exposure profile of the insects enhancing the bioavailability of the active ingredient(s).
It provides an even deposition of the active ingredient on the treated surface.
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