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Product Details

Mix with any pesticide where foaming applications improve performance or coverage of the pesticide. ProFoam Platinum is a unique blend of foaming agents offering treatment capabilities by transporting all types of products to remote areas such as wall voids, ground voids, drains and other voids needing complete treatment of all surface areas. This product can added to soil termiticides, borates or drain cleaning agents to create a foam for treatment requirements. Not Prop 65 listed in California. Application: • Add to soil termiticides to create a foam solution to treat areas such as under slabs on dirt-filled porches to treat the void underneath. • Add to borate products to create a foam to treat wall void areas in a structure. • Add to drain cleaning products to create foam to provide better coverage of interior pipe surfaces.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 GL JG GL 720410
Sigstr PressurizedSolutions2