Univar PressurizedSolutions 120x600

Product Details

What is PoolProof? • Premixed pH balanced micro-micellar borate emulsion. • Compatible with all materials used in the normal maintenance of swimming pools and can be used in all pools and spas, including saltwater pools. What PoolProof Does • Extends chemical life & maintains stable pH. • Gentle on swimmers: Makes skin feel smooth & relieves eye irritation. • Adds a crystalline “Bahamas” sparkle to pool. • Gentle on the environment: Only a single application with annual top-up is needed. How PoolProof Saves Money • By helping to maintain a stable pH, PoolProof reduces the amount of chemicals needed to adjust pH levels. • PoolProof extends the life of chemicals and other pool sanitizers, reducing the amount of chemicals needed. • Only a single application with annual top-up is needed. • Your customers will save energy costs because using PoolProof allows them to reduce the pump time required to keep their pools clean by up to 40%.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 GL GL 783276
20 mgk 0156 ONEGUARD Leaderboard Ad 728x90 f