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Product Details

Poly II Professional Spray Hose 1/2" ID x 300' L -600psi working/2400psi burst

J. F. Oakes Sales and Marketing

Poly II Professional Spray Hose {1/2" ID x 300' Length } -600 psi/ 2400psi burst. Great for professional pest control applications, tree spraying, weed control, lawn & turf, agricultural. Has Polyurethane/PVC blended inner tube. Reinforcement is applied in 2 layers and 2 separate manufacturing processes for maximum strength. Excellent for aromatic hydrocarbon based chemicals. Slick Outer Covering, Flexible in cold weather, Kink Resistant, Light Weight and Abrasion Resistant.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
300' RL RL 644825
QA StoptheInvasion 728x90 8 2021
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