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Na-X Soil Salt Flush

Ecologel Solutions Llc

Na-X is a soluble electrolyte solution which reduces excess sodium salt levels and stimulates biological activity in soils. Sodium accumulations in soil replace calcium, destroying soil structure by dispersing soil colloids. As a result, water infiltration, percolation, and soil aeration are reduced. Seed germination is inhibited by high sodium levels and root growth is generally reduced. The high levels of free exchangeable calcium ions in Na-X displace sodium ions absorbed on cation exchange sites of soil colloids restoring soil structure and preventing sodium build-up for vigorous turf growth. It is also an excellent source of calcium for turf. Na-X is ideal for tank spraying or fertigation.

Product Specifications

Ecologel Solutions Llc
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
30 Gallon Drum 819502
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