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Model 76 Dehumidifier Control

Es Research Products Corp

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The Aprilaire Model 76 Digital Dehumidifier Control communicates with your dehumidifier, allowing you to control the operation of the unit from a distance. Using an onboard sensor, the Model 76 Dehumidifier Control monitors the relative humidity in the space in which it is located and displays the measured relative humidity on the digital display. This is a wired control unit that must be hardwired to your dehumidifier. The Model 76 digital control can also be used as a communicating remote control for your dehumidifier, allowing you to set the relative humidity level for your home and control your Aprilaire dehumidifier from a convenient living space location. This makes it easy for you to control your Aprilaire Dehumidifier if it is located in an inconvenient or hard to access area.

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Es Research Products Corp
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Install the Model 76 where you spend most of your time, allowing you to easily make changes to the dehumidifier and see what the relative humidity is in these areas without having to access the unit.  The Model 76 is designed for use with any dehumidifier requiring a normally open control, including  Aprilaire Dehumidifier Models 1710A, 1730A, 1750A, 1770A, 1830, 1850, and 1870.  The Model 76 Digital Control can also be used as a communicating remote control for all of those models with the exception of the 1730A. 

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