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Product Details

MakiĀ® bait is formulated with bromadiolone, a second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide invented by Liphatech. A versatile bait with more than three decades of performance, Maki is made with grains and a peanut flavor that is attractive to Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. It combines palatability with maximum flexibility in formulations and placement locations.

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Additional Information

Mini Blocks

  • Maki 1 oz. mini blocks are designed with rodent gnawing edges and a center hole for securing on vertical or horizontal rods. Mini blocks can also be secured on SoftSecureTM Technology feeding devices.
  • Formulated with bromadiolone (50 ppm), a second-generation anticoagulant; Vitamin K1 is the antidote.
  • Works well where moisture is a concern.
  • Effective for Norway rats.
  • Can be placed in bait stations either indoors or outdoors for maximum baiting flexibility.
  • Available in 16 lb. pails.
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