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Kritter Caps Pro

Aac Distributing

Kritter Cap® PROs fit perfectly in vinyl siding corner caps, blocking this passageway. Bats, mice, insects, and other pests travel up these siding corners, often gaining access into the attic or walls. Kritter Caps® snap into place so no tools are necessary. They are completely hidden once installed, and secure themselves without any fasteners. As caps are hidden and not seen once installed. Kritter Cap® Pro is black in color and look like a dark shadow if someone looks up at the cap. Use Kritter Caps® for a professionally finish to your pest exclusion.

Kritter Cap® PRO is a new design produced specifically for the wildlife control industry. A new formulation of plastic combined with glass deters chewing, thus improving the original design.

Product Specifications

Aac Distributing
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
10bx/cs Box 841254

Additional Information

Each Kit  Includes

• 10 Kritter Cap® PROs
• Inspection Mirror
• Flashlight
• Snips

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