Product Details

Get unmatched performance for eliminating a wide range of ants with InTice™ Thiquid™ Ant Bait. Excellent palatability to a wide range of ants. Formulated with premium food ingredients, its syrup form will not run on flat surfaces and can be paired with a BaitPlate™ Station for other applications. Available in a 1 gallon jug with pump top and a 4 oz squeeze bottle

Additional Information

  • Unmatched performance - kills ants you see and ants in the nest
  • Odorless, thick syrup formula with 5% borax for indoor and outdoor use, including food areas
  • Controls a wide range of ants, including pharaoh ants
  • Kills ants you see and ants in the nest
  • Broad label for use indoors, including food areas, and outdoors
  • Proprietary bait matrix - contains a blend of premium food ingredients
  • May be diluted to a 2.5% or 1% for very large multi-queen and multi-colony ant infestations
  • Diluted bait can also be spot sprayed onto surfaces outdoors
  • Non-repellent insecticides may be applied over the bait for a “double whammy” elimination effect
  • Green Zone product. Mineral based active ingredient,
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