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The Interceptor® Rat EZ Snap Trap utilizes a proven snap trap design with a heavy-duty metal bar to terminate rodents quickly and effectively. It is inserted into the custom housing that holds the snap trap in place and aligns it with the Interceptor processor, so that a notification is sent when the trap is triggered. The Interceptor line of products is part of a flexible platform that utilizes the field-tested sensor technology of a reed switch and magnet. When the magnet separates from the reed switch it instantly triggers an alert that goes to the PestOptix cloud-based system. It then sends a notification via text and/or email that a trap has been triggered. PestOptix uses global reporting software to find pest problems quickly and efficiently and show the pest management professional where the activity is happening.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
6/CS Each 835670

Target Pests:

Approved Sites:

Additional Information


  • From the back of the housing, two easy-to-release connectors hold the snap trap in place but make it easy to remove for cleaning.
  • A customized housing securely attaches the indicator magnet to the trigger bar. The housing contains the Interceptor processor and magnetic reed switch.
  • The base of the trap is designed with a space on each side to make it easy to utilize a zip tie to mount to pipes and other elevated rodent runways.


Base: 5.74 in L x 3.22 in W

Button housing: 2.55 in L x 1.18 in W x 2.63 in H

Opening, trap set: 4.00 in W x 2.51 in H

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