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Product Details

Gutterlock Ext Flw 4' Pnl


GutterLock Extreme Flow is our premium gutter cover that offers all the benefits of the GutterLock Elite products with an even higher degree of protection on troublesome drainage areas. GutterLock Extreme Flow can be used in conjunction with the Elite product for a combined gutter protection system. GutterLock Extreme Flow is designed to work best in high flow areas of your gutter system: - Steep Roofs - Metal Roofs - Valleys - Inside Corners Designed to handle the toughest drainage areas of your gutter system, GutterLock Extreme Flow will fit your existing gutters, enhance the support of your gutters, and protect your home for years ... Guaranteed! - Heavy gauge aluminum - Fits over existing gutters - Does not screw into the roof - Eliminates cleaning of gutters

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
WHT 25/CS EA 819042
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