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G.F.C. ZoneAce 12-0-15

Glades Formulating Corp

G.F.C. ZoneAce 12-0-15 is a clear liquid solution fertilizer with Nitrogen (N) and Soluble Potassium (K2O). The Nitrogen is a combination of slow-release and readily available sources. The slow-release component is provided by the Triazone molecule, which is stable and non-phytotoxic. The Triazone molecule prolongs wetting of leafs, allowing for greater penetration and less loss from crystallization on leaf surfaces. The Potassium is derived from Potassium Acetate, which has extremely high absorption rates with no phytotoxicity. The combination of the Triazone molecule and Potassium Acetate provides highly-efficient forms of Nitrogen and Potassium for foliar application.

Product Specifications

Glades Formulating Corp
Active Ingredients:
Potassium 15% Nitrogen 12%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
2.5gl 2/cs Jug 841380
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