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Product Details

Fibertrap Bedbug Lure

Es Fibertrap Llc

Bed Bug is a 3”x 2.5”x .75” trap that uses specific lures, appealing to three of the five senses, inviting the bed bugs to march into the microfiber traps. As soon as the bugs step into the one of a kind cloud of microfiber, the specifically tailored loop structure entangles their legs, making them struggle and die of exhaustion.

Product Specifications

Es Fibertrap Llc
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
5x144 Boxes Case 844332

Additional Information

Each of the 5 traps has a pheromone deposit within the box and includes an adhesive backing, making it possible to catch the bed bugs in their favorite hiding places such as behind headboards, under/in box springs, behind dressers, the side of the mattress, and more.

Niban 728x90 April2021
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