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Product Details

Ergo Cordless Rechargeable Battery Backpack Vacuum VACBP36V


The Atrix ERGO cordless Backpack Vacuum VACBP36V is an excellent option for janitorial applications, offices, warehouses or locations that do not offer any power sources or where corded vacuums are a safety hazard. The ERGO cordless vacuum is safe and low profile making it comfortable for the professional cleaner to wear for a long duration of time in constricted spaces. It is powerful with its 500 watt cleaning power which produces 71 CFM. It has a long fifty five minute run time and quick three hour charge. The vacuum features four levels of filtration that consists of an eight quart HEPA bag, cloth shakeout bag, HEPA premotor filter and an exhaust filter. The ERGO cordless backpack vacuum can be adjusted to left or right hand operation and easily converts to a blower providing an extra cleaning dimension. The cordless vacuum can be used in but not limited to, scaffolding, stairways, crawl spaces, ceilings, entryways, or larger areas such as churches, movie theatres, schools or libraries. *This product should not be used for hazardous particulate.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
34.75 × 13.75 × 14.75 in Each 823245

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