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Product Details

DEADLINE® Ornamental Snail Bait is a molluscicide containing four percent metaldehyde labeled specifically for use in landscapes, ornamentals, ground covers and lawns. DEADLINE Ornamental is formulated into mini-pellets that are rain fast, and can withstand as much as six inches of rain or heavy watering over 14 days. DEADLINE Ornamental has also been formulated with SNARE™, a powerful attractant, which lures slugs and snails toward the bait and away from plants.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Metaldehyde 4%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
25 lb BG 826011
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Approved Sites:

Additional Information

Application is permitted only as a barrier around gardens or individual plants. Application is prohibited within one foot of vegetable plants or fruit bearing plants not listed on this label.

Apply this product in areas likely to be infested at the beginning of the spring planting season before damage occurs and during periods of damp weather.  Especially beneficial if applied following rain or watering since slugs and snails will not crawl over dry soil.

For extremely tender plants it is suggested to do a small test application to determine any plant sensitivity before making an application around the plants.

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