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Clearcast Herbicide

SePRO Corporation

Clearcast Herbicide is an effective and selective treatment solution for the control of floating, emergent, and submersed aquatic weed species. Clearcast is the industry standard for cattail control. In addition to cattails, Clearcast is an excellent choice for selective control of invasive weeds such as watershield, water hyacinth and broad-spectrum control of a variety of pondweeds. Clearcast can be applied as a foliar, surface, or injection spray and as well as a pre-emergent in ponds and lakes.

Product Specifications

SePRO Corporation
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 Quart Bottle (6 Per Case) 840184
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Additional Information

Better Control

Its selectivity makes Clearcast ideal for aquatic areas used for fishing and other recreation activities, while minimal irrigation restrictions allow Clearcast to be applied in a large variety of aquatic environments, including ponds and irrigation canals and ditches.

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