Maxforce Roach Control System (2)

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Bio-Gel is a FULL range of biological cleaning products, biodegradable and non-toxic compounds that contain no pathogens, are non-caustic, non-corrosive natural materials. Put billions of microbes to work. Bio-Gel brand cleaning products focus on greases, fats, oils, proteins and carbohyrdates and leave behind a fresh clean scent. Great for drains, mops, or dumpsters, you choose the formulation that’s right for you. Highly effective in any sustainable cleaning program. UPDATE: Bio-Gel PLUS has been formulated with a higher concentration of bacteria (2x) than previous, giving you a harder punch in your sanitation program. Go for the gold, Bio-Gel has long been a proven long-term performer in any sanitation program. Also available in gallons, 6-gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. PMP's who liked this also liked DumpsterGuard, Bio-Gel Pro-Kleen and MicroBlend G in water soluble 8-oz BAC PAKS or bulk.

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. BT 792652

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