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Product Details

Beetle Trap Kit with Glueboard and SPB (Stored Product Beetle Pheromone Lure)

Insects Limited, Inc.

The All Beetle Trap is categorized as a pitfall trap, and is clearly a new design. The attractant is a 6 part mix of pheromone and kairomone which lasts 30 days. Every feature of this trap was scientifically designed and tested. It is a low profile floor trap with a clear top for easy inspection. It features a textured base with an incline which has been tested and proven to be preferable to the target beetles. With 90 degree corners it can easily fit against the walls of any facility. The All Beetle Trap is a 3 part monitoring device made with durable Polypropylene plastic. There is a clear, vented top, a blue base that sits flat on the floor, and a replaceable tray. When the attractant has reached the 60-90 day mark, simply remove the used tray, and replace it with a new tray and fresh gel attractant. This trap will attract Red/Confused flour beetles, Cigarette beetles, Warehouse beetles, Weevils, Saw-toothed and Merchant grain beetles, Lesser grain borer. www.insectslimited.com

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