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BAT CONE Excluder

Wildlife Control Supplies

The BAT CONE® Excluder is gray in color, approx. 6" in length, with four flexible tabs at one end to attach the excluder over the bats entry/exit point. The BAT CONE® Excluder can be attached using pushpins, staples, duct-tape, etc. Completely re-usable, the BAT CONE® Excluder is made of a durable polyethylene and will last for many years. For optimal results mount the BAT CONE® Excluder with a downward angle.

Product Specifications

Wildlife Control Supplies
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
6" length Excluder 840237

Additional Information

At dawn or dusk, which is the best time to conduct a “bat watch”, observe points of entry / exit for bats in structure. Incoming /outgoing bat activity will assist in determining number of cones needed for installation (see DVD for more detailed information) For large bat colonies, use multiple cones for best results. Install cones at entry points, always at a downward angle; this is CRITICAL to seal all other entry / exit points before installing cones strategically to prevent bats from moving to other sections of structure. After bats leave structure to feed and you are certain they are all outside the structure, remove remaining cones and seal all holes.

A Word of Caution: Please note that removing bats during their birthing cycles can result in the offspring becoming trapped inside the structure. Please contact your state wildlife agency or state health department for information regarding bat birthing cycles in your region.

The innovative design of the Batcone is ideal when a square shape is better suited to the entry port of a bat colony.  The design includes a built-in solid flang with mounting holes allowing easy, fast installation of this sturdy bat removal system.  It can also be used with the secondary flexible vinyl flange, making it effective for virtually any surface application.

For best results with Batcone, bend flanges slowly back and forth to prevent breakage. 

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